Tips for Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Care: Tips from an Expert Landscaper

The winter is a time when you can relax about caring for your lawn. With snow on the ground, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to do a thing – but, there are a few easy things you can do, even when the weather is harsh, that will make your lawn care much easier once spring rolls around. Here are a few tips for winter lawn care, from the expert landscapers at Paradise Ponds!


It’s a bit late in the year to think about mowing, but it’s something you should keep in mind as you prepare for the cold winter months. The last few times you mow, you should gradually cut it shorter and shorter – if you cut it too short all at once, you can shock the grass. Be sure to keep it short before the snow flies – long grass is home to burrowing animals that can damage your grass.


Late fall and early winter are the best times of the season to fertilize certain types of grasses (such as Bermuda and blue grass – which are cool season grasses). When you fertilize before the snow falls, your grass will have fertilizer at its roots all winter – which will feed it and help t to grow back well in the spring.

Stay Off the Grass

Be sure to stay off your grass as much as possible. Damaging it during these months will mean it will take longer to be lush and green in the summer. Before the snow flies, be sure to pick up any objects in your yard – a shovel, rake, or toys that are left and then covered with snow can cause the grass underneath to die.

Spring Landscaping Project? Call Paradise Ponds

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