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Pond Fish Care

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Fish add color and interest to a pond. They are interactive and friendly. While plants add color to your pond, fish add color and movement within the pond. Stress has been known to melt away while watching fish swim gracefully in the water.

Your fish are leaving the store healthy and active. To maintain healthy fish you must follow a few ground rules.

  • When you get the fish home, float the unopened bag in the pond that will be their new home for 10 minutes.
  • Next, open the fish bag and add about 1 cup of pond water to the bag, leaving the bag floating in the pond. Be careful not to let any water from the bag back into the pond. Let the bag sit for 10 more minutes. Please watch to make sure the sides of the bag don’t collapse and trap your fish. (I usually clip one side of the bag to the edge of the pond or secure it with rocks.)
  • Add 1 more cup of pond water to the bag and let it sit 10 more minutes.
  • Release your fish into the pond one at a time. Do not dump any of the water from the bag in to the pond. Pour the water from the bag on to a plant or the grass, but do not pour the bag water into the pond.

This is called the acclimating process, which allows fish to adjust from their old water parameters to the different ones that exist in their new environment. You will need to make sure you have set up and will maintain their new home correctly and followed the care instructions for your particular variety of fish, such as Koi or goldfish (which are the two most popular pond species). This may require doing a bit of research beforehand.

Your fish may need some time to settle and may try to hide, but this is normal. For varieties such as the goldfish, only feed your fish what they can eat in 5 minutes. Start with a palm full and work up from there. In a pond that has plants, fish only need to be fed once or twice a week. The more you feed your fish, the more waste they produce and an overabundance could cause problems in the pond environment. Please stop feeding your fish in the fall when the water temperature falls below 50 degrees and resume feeding them in the spring when the water is above 55 degrees. They may “beg” for food before this happens, but feeding them will cause them more harm than good. Follow these simple steps and you will have healthy, happy fish for years to come.

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