Why You Need to add a Water Feature to Your Yard

Adding a Water Feature to Your Yard

Why You Need to add a Water Feature to Your Yard

We all enjoy ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in parks. Water is calming and peaceful – it lends a tranquility to any garden, outdoor, or indoor space where one is installed. Everyone loves these water features, but we often fail to consider adding them to our own yards. Here are a few reasons why you need to add a water feature to your yard.


Create a Natural Habitat for Wildlife


When you have a water feature installed in your yard, you will attract more wildlife than ever before. Birds, frogs, and even deer will be attracted to your yard, as you will be providing a natural habitat for them. Where water is available, animals will thrive. Our design experts understand how to install ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in a way that will become a natural habitat for wildlife. You can even put your own fish into a pond. Gold fish don’t need as much room, and are more affordable, and koi fish are striking, and add to larger ponds and water features.


Water Features are Easy to Maintain


Water features are very easy to maintain, which comes as a surprise for many people. You’ll just need to minimize the risk of built-up algae by cleaning out the pond or fountain regularly. Much of the ease of maintaining a water feature is related to how it was installed. Here at Paradise Ponds Landscaping & Design, we believe there are five key elements to keeping your pond beautiful: Filters, pumps and plumbing, rocks and gravel, and fish and aquatic plants. These elements work together to keep your maintenance at a minimum, which will keep your pond clean and beautiful.


Water Features Make Your Yard Look Bigger


If you’re looking to make your yard feel more spacious, adding a water feature just might do the trick. Because water is reflective, it can make spaces seem larger than they really are. Think of it like adding a mirror to a small room in your house. When you add underwater lights to your pond or fountain, it will further expand the space, and will also create a wonderful calming effect that will make your yard a favorite evening gathering spot.


Water is Serene and Calming


Water is calming and peaceful. In fact, many people sleep with waterfall sounds in their rooms. When you add a pond or fountain to your yard, you’ll have a wonderful space to relax and rejuvenate from our overly busy world. You’ll have your own peace of paradise in your own backyard!


Call Paradise Ponds & Landscaping Today


If you’d like to learn more about installing a water feature in your yard or garden, give the landscape design experts at Paradise Ponds Landscaping & Design a call. We have years of experience, and will discuss the many benefits of installing a pond, waterfall, or fountain in your yard, as well as what you can expect when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Call us today to get started!


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