How to Keep Deer Out of Yard in Colorado

How to Keep Deer Out of Yard in Colorado

Deer don’t really like to live by the rules. That big “Keep Off Grass” sign is ignored, and every morning, you get up to find that deer have nibbled your plants down. Even though deer are picturesque, they can wreak havoc in your yard and garden. Here are a few reasons they’re being drawn to your yard, and tips for how to keep deer out of yard.


What is Bringing Deer to Your Yard


Before you think that the deer are on a well-planned mission to destroy your yard, you need to consider that you could be drawing them there because you’ve planted certain plants. Here are a few types of plants that deer and other wildlife love:


  • Bearberry
  • Colorado Blue Columbine
  • Giant Goldenrod
  • Quaking Aspen
  • Serviceberry
  • Mountain Snowberry
  • Woods Rose
  • Mushrooms


How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard


There are a few ways to keep deer out of your yard. Obviously, you can’t make them stay out, but you can strongly encourage them not to venture near. Here are a few plants and trees that deer generally avoid:


  • White Fir
  • Colorado Spruce
  • Lead Plant
  • Creeping Mahonia
  • Mexican Hat Coneflower


Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell. So, by planting very pungent herbs near some of your “deer-approved” plants can mask their smell. Herbs like garlic, chives, mint, and lavender have strong a strong scent that covers up the smell of other plants that deer find delicious.


Using Landscaping to Prevent the Deer Intrusion


By installing terraces and sunken levels, you can discourage deer from coming into your yard. These different levels make it much more difficult for them to venture in and nibble on your plants or trample your grass. Additionally, installing lawn and garden lighting discourages them from coming near. Call the experts at Paradise Ponds & Landscaping to help you find the best design to keep deer out, and provide a comfortable lawn for you and your family!


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