Create a Butterfly Oasis in your Own Backyard

Create a butterfly oasis in your own backyard

Create a Butterfly Oasis in your Own Backyard

As our chilly winter season draws to a close it’s easy to start dreaming of the warm spring days ahead.  While we’re bound to have the occasional spring storm it’s not too early to start planning new additions to your garden.  As the days start to get warmer a garden favorite will be making their way back along the front range; butterflies!  Did you know that you can cultivate an oasis for butterflies in your own backyard?  Below are some helpful tips to create an ideal environment, and how to create a butterfly oasis in your own backyard.


Provide Adequate Cover

It’s important to consider the layout of your garden and how much space you have.  Butterflies are delicate insects and can be sensitive to highwinds.  By adding bushes or shrubs to your garden you help encourage butterflies to spend some time there.  If your garden is typically windy it’ll be less likely that a butterfly will make it their home.  No matter how lovely your flowers are -adequate cover will help make a difference. 


Offer a Butterfly Buffet

While there are numerous types of flowering plants native to Colorado there are some that attract butterflies better than others.  In addition you want to provide butterflies with food all season long – this is done by adding plants that bloom in sequence.  This means you’re providing butterflies with nectar rich flowering plants all season long not just briefly during the spring, summer or fall.  For example; for spring thistle, zinnia and marigolds are good choices.  For summer try geranium, lilac and sweet pea.  For fall consider aster, geranium and verbena.  By offering a butterfly buffet you’ll increase the likelihood of butterflies calling your garden home.


Create a Butterfly Oasis: Call the Experts at Paradise Ponds & Landscaping

Whether you have a large or a small space you’d like to turn into a butterfly oasis Paradise Ponds & Landscaping is right for the job.  We have over 25 years of experience proudly serving the Monument, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs area.  We provide quality service and have a passion for our profession.  We’re ready to help make your dream garden come true – give us a call today!

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