Choosing a Water Feature for Your Colorado Home

Things to consider when choosing a water feature for your CO yard

Choosing a Water Feature for Your Colorado Home

If you’re a fan of home and garden t.v. shoes or DIY programs you are probably familiar with the water feature craze.  Adding a water feature to your garden has become popular because not only does it add value to your home it becomes a focal point of your garden sparking conversation as well as relaxation.  In today’s post we’re going to offer some advice to anyone that is interested in adding a water feature to their garden. 


Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Feature


– Do you have the space for a water feature?  

Adding a water feature is a great way to improve the aesthetic of any garden.  However one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have ample space for the type of water feature you want.  For example an eight tiered waterfall complete with a pond may not fit in the four foot by four foot spot in your yard.  The good news is while sometimes grand water features that rival Niagara Falls won’t fit usually there is an alternate solution a professional landscaper can design.


– Do you need HOA approval?  

While popular opinion is that water features are a delightful addition to any home if you’re considering adding one to your garden it’s advised you check with your HOA(Home Owners Assocation).  Most HOA’s will have clear guidelines to whether or not water features are allowed.  Some HOA’s even have different rules for front lawn landscaping versus backyard landscaping.  If in doubt it’s best to double check.


– How do you decide?  

When it comes to choosing the best water feature for your garden the combinations are endless.  Especially when you hire an experienced professional like the team at Paradise Ponds & Landscaping.  We specialize in custom waterfall, pond or combination design installation and maintenance.  When you choose our team we won’t box you in with a one size fits all design – we have the experience to truly come up with a design that is custom to your garden.  So if you’ve fallen in love with the idea with having a water feature in your garden and if you’re HOA has given you the green light give us a call today!


Call Paradise Ponds and Landscaping for Expert Help


Sometimes, it can get overwhelming considering all the options when it comes to landscaping your yard. Don’t sturggle through the process – call Paradise Ponds & Landscaping to help you determine the best options for your home and lifestyle!

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