Landscaping in Colorado Springs: A Backyard Oasis

Living in such a beautiful area, having your backyard match the surroundings is always justified. Colorado Springs Landscaping offers unlimited possibilities, our mission is transforming your property into the backyard oasis of your dreams. Paradise Ponds and Landscaping is the area’s premier landscaping company, you can count on us to make your dream into a reality.

We are the one stop shop when it comes to landscaping in Colorado Springs. With extensive history and a large following, we can help you with projects ranging from simple installations to complete backyard renovations. We have the materials and tools necessary to complete every job you can think of.

Unique Local Experience

Landscaping in Colorado Springs for over 25 years, our family run business is the first name you should think of. We are well adapted to the rocky soil and building codes found in town, our experience ensures every project will be completed to the proper specifications. With state of the art technology at our disposal, we offer custom consulting, designing the yard of your dreams. What makes us unique is our water feature design and installation, from fountains to ponds, and everything in between, Paradise Ponds is the ultimate water feature landscaper. After installation, our service does not end, we offer maintenance, cleaning, and repair for all of our features, ensuring your yard looks great every day of the year.

No backyard oasis is complete without gorgeous boulders enhancing the water features. We offer custom boulder gardens, exhibiting geological features for anybody’s taste. With a full spectrum of services, there is no style of yard we cannot build. If you want low maintenance landscaping in Colorado Springs, no problem, by using local plant species and plenty of inorganic materials, your yard can look great without you spending too much time on upkeep.

Want a gazebo? No problem! Our team of experts can build and customize the perfect outdoor shelter, perfect for parties and gatherings. Building fire pits and walkways to enhance your yard is a great way to utilize space and viewing. And because we are the best at landscaping in Colorado Springs, we also install sprinkler systems, keeping your plants well watered and aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. Another great service we provide is the construction of retaining walls, holding together any size project. You can trust us to provide the backbones for every backyard oasis.

Landscaping Inspiration

Sometimes the best part of your landscaping is the amount of possibilities and the joy of visualizing them. We pride ourselves on our consulting abilities, no matter your idea, we will find a way to incorporate it into your custom oasis. Many customers start with a wall or a patio base, laying the foundation for further construction. After the initial concrete is laid, sometimes it’s best to sit back and let the ideas come to you. Take a look at our gallery and see some previous work we have done for your neighbors.

For even more inspiration, check out HGTV’s featured water landscaping ideas. Popular Mechanics has a great list visualizing some impressive ideas.

Studies have shown that homeowners spend more time in their homes than anywhere else in the world. Why spend money on fancy vacations when you can transform your living space into the most desirable location in Colorado Springs. As a family run business, we understand the appeal of living in this area, we love it just as much as you do. Let your landscaping be the extension of luxury your life deserves.

Not only can the proper landscaping increase your quality of life but a well-crafted yard can increase property value. Landscaping in Colorado Springs can set your property apart from all the others. If you are thinking about placing your home on the market, a backyard designed by Paradise Ponds and Landscaping will boost your property’s marketing value. Don’t hesitate to make your property into the oasis of your dreams. Contact us today and start building what you’ve always wanted to.