Spring Improvements for Your Colorado Lawn and Garden

If you live in Colorado, the snow is bound to still be flying over the next few months.  However, it’s not too early to start planning your spring projects.  While there are many factors to consider, have you asked yourself what you want from your lawn?  If you’re looking to get more from your lawn this year, here are three improvements you may want to consider making this spring.

1. Livability.

Is your lawn just that, a lawn, or is it an extension of your home complete with livable space?  Why let your lawn go to waste when it could be a valuable addition your home and lifestyle?  As the weather warms up, why not invest in a new patio where friends and family can gather together.  Imagine the barbecues with your friends, s’mores around a firepit with family, or an evening spent sipping wine with your loved one.  A patio may be just what you need!

2. Relaxation.

We’ve already written about the benefits of adding a water feature to your yard. At Paradise Ponds, we specialize in waterfall designs as well as creating one-of-a-kind ponds.  Why not add a relaxing water feature as a place of focus and mediation?  Not only would a water feature give your yard a point of interest it could be a place where you recharge and find tranquility.

3. Convenience.

Do you dread caring for and maintaining your yard?  If your summer is spent with constant care and upkeep it may be time to consider Xeriscaping.  Allow our experts to craft the perfect landscaping solution for you.  We will take care, watering requirements, and space into consideration to give you a custom experience that will make your lawn green and beautiful for the months you want to be out to enjoy it.

Spring Improvements? Give Paradise Ponds a Call for Expert Advice

So whether you’re looking to add livability, relaxation or convenience (or a combination of all three!) to your lawn this spring give Paradise Ponds a call.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – after all we’re your patio and landscaping experts!